Using Simmify Search

Information on how to filter your data.

The input element

After logging in to the Simmify app dashboard and selecting a folder you should see an input element right in the middle of your screen. This element has 2 tabs each representing a mode: "Search" and "Input". You can either select the "Search" tab by clicking on it with your mouse or press the "tab" key on your keyboard (the text selector should be inside the input field for this to work).

Best practices

The same best practices apply as have been discussed in the previous article about inputting data. You may be used to Bing, Google or similar search engines, where keeping your search queries as short and concise as possible is preferred. However, the exact opposite is true for the Simmify search engine. Because Simmify is searching for the meaning of text, adding more contextual information improves your search.