Managing Folders

An introduction to folder management.


Folders are where all the magic happens. Each folder consists of your entries, which can be anything like recipes, transcripts, or summaries. Folders are also shareable with others if you are subscribed to the appropriate plan.

Creating, naming, and deleting folders

To create your first folder, log into your Simmify app dashboard. On the home screen, you will see a menu on the left side. If you are on mobile or tablet, you can open this menu by pressing the menu icon in the top right corner of your screen. Inside the menu, there is a button called "+ Add New Folder". Once you press it, a new folder will appear with the title "default".

To change the folder name, press the "Settings" button in the menu. This will lead you to a screen showing both your personal information and folder info. From here, you can click on a folder name and start typing. After you stop typing, a green confirmation will appear at the top of the folder list saying: "Folder name changed successfully". The red button next to the folder names will delete any of your folders. Please be advised that deleting a folder will delete all of its entries and is irreversible.

Sharing folders with others

This feature is currently unavailable but will be rolled out soon.

Automatic folder sharing within your organization

This feature is currently unavailable but will be rolled out soon.