Getting Started

welcome to the Simmify documentation!


Simmify is a powerful tool designed to enhance search capabilities on your own data using AI. Our app enables users to input their data, which is then embedded and made searchable through advanced semantic search technology. When you are managing large datasets and looking for specific information, Simmify makes it easy and efficient.

Creating an Account

Creating an account is free and will take less than a minute. We currently support creating an account through email or with a Microsoft account. If you intend on using Simmify with your team or organization, we strongly recommend signing up through the Azure provider. This will allow you to quickly sign up with your work/school Microsoft account which in turn enables your team to automatically share folders within your organization. This feature is disabled for regular email accounts.

Email Account

To create a new account with an email login simply head to the login page, fill out your email address and desired password and click the "Register" button. You will receive a verification email containing a link, click this link to verify your email. Since Email verification is mandatory, you will not be able to log in without verifying your email.

Azure Account

If you would prefer using a microsoft login like Hotmail, Outlook or any Azure work/school account you can register by clicking the Azure button in the login page. This will lead you to the Microsoft login page which will ask for you consent on sharing your email with us. After providing your consent you will be logged in and redirected back to the Simmify dashboard.